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Danielson, CT, USA — At 2:00 P.M. on Wednesday, June 22, 2011, SPIROL International Corporation dedicated its Nature Conservation Area — a large parcel of land on its 15-acre property alongside the Five Mile River and Whetstone Brook. SPIROL’s business originated in its 64,000 square-foot Danielson manufacturing facility and it has been producing metal, engineered fasteners there since the 1950’s. SPIROL has grown into a global manufacturing company with 11 facilities spread over North America, Europe and Asia. The Danielson manufacturing facility continues to play a significant role within the SPIROL family.

In the years before environmental impact awareness, and as was common and legal in its day, wastewater and sludge was discharged to a series of earthen lagoons near the facility. In addition, waste metal was buried on the site in deep trenches. As environmental laws were changed, these earthen lagoons were abandoned and the practice of burying scrap metal was discontinued. Over the subsequent years, the former areas impacted by these activities became overgrown and the base sludge and metal remained in the ground. In its quest to be a good steward of its environment and community, SPIROL initiated a voluntary early remediation effort of this area over a two-year period starting in 2007 and completing in late 2008. During this process, over 500 cubic yards of soil and waste was removed from the site, and replaced with clean backfill. The impacted area was larger than a football field and 20’ deep in places.

In 2009, ing its unique wetland site, SPIROL began restoration of the area to encourage native wildlife and fauna through replanting meadowland and natural vegetation. The area includes a nearly half-mile walking trail bordered by the river, brook and wetlands. The students of Youthworks at the Joshua Center - Northeast built the park bench that overlooks the Five Mile River. Native geese, ducks and turtles have used the SPIROL Nature Conservation Area for breeding and raising their offspring. Throughout the area, SPIROL employees have built and erected different types of birdhouses with the intent of encouraging various native bird species to nest. An Eastern Bluebird family inhabits one of the birdhouses.

With an abundance of wildlife, and plenty of analytical data, the 4-year remediation and restoration efforts have been a success. “Watching wildlife use the newly restored area has been extremely gratifying and SPIROL and its employees are extremely proud that we initiated and completed this endeavor,” said Jeff Koehl, CEO of Spirol International Corporation.

The walking path is open to the public.

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Beginning with the invention of the Coiled Pin in 1948, SPIROL International Corporation has continuously grown to introduce new products, as well as improve the performance of established lines, resulting in millions of dollars of savings for our customers. Headquartered in Danielson, CT, SPIROL now operates globally across four continents and is a leading manufacturer of a diverse line of engineered components for fastening, joining, and assembly including: Coiled Spring Pins, Slotted Spring Pins, Solid Pins, Alignment Dowels and Bushings, Spacers, Compression Limiters, Threaded Inserts for Plastics, Disc Springs, Precision Shims, Pin Installation Equipment, Insert Installation Equipment, Compression Limiter Installation Equipment and High Performance Feeding Systems. Partner with SPIROL early in your design stage to simplify your assembly process, improve the quality of your product, and lower the overall cost of your assembly!